August 20, 2004


Michelle Malkin (see previous post) will be on Rush Limbaugh in a few minutes. I'll report if I hear anything interesting...

Malkin is going to Berkeley next to talk about her book! Amazing.

Apparently Matthews was badgering Malkin to tell her age--what a chauvinist...Saying "Are you old enough to be on this program?"

She was scheduled for the second segment of the show, and then that was cancelled after the 1st segment. Rush asked how they did that. (I was wondering the same thing.) Michelle: 'He just said "you're off!"'

Rush was amazed that the network didn't have a copy of the book. He said, "so they don't have their own copy?" Apparently they snatched up Malkin's copy and leafed through it after the segment!

Rush played a clip, with Matthews twisting "self inflicted wound" (which can be a variety of things) into "Are you saying he shot himself in the leg?" He kept repeating the "shot himself" line, though that wasn't what was said at all. But Malkin wasn't allowed to explain.

Good last comments by Rush: "You showed yourself to be above that fray." (Yes. I was amazed, listening to the clips, how calm she stayed.) And: "15 years ago there would have been nowhere you could go to get the truth out about what happened, and to shine a light on these people..." That's sure the truth.

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