August 20, 2004

"in full desperation mode..."

Michelle Malkin on her appearance on Crossfire:

...As the show broke for commercials, Matthews scrambled for his producers to see if what he said was true. And I'm irresponsible? One staffer ran to the office where I had left my copy of the book, and handed it to Matthews, who--for the first time, apparently--started flipping through it. I asked for my book back and politely said thank you. After I left, he trashed me again on the air and his scurrilous charges were repeated by his MSNBC colleague Keith Olbermann, who called me an "idiot."

I am used to playing hardball. I expect it. I am used to ad hominem attacks. I get more in a day than most of these wussies have received in their lifetimes. But what happened last night was pure slimeball and the unfair, unbalanced, and unhinged purveyors of journalism, or whatever it is they call what they do at MSNBC, should be ashamed.

What I take away from all this is that the Democrat Party waterboys in the media are in full desperation mode. I have now witnessed firsthand and up close (Matthews' spittle nearly hit me in the face) how the pressure from alternative media sources--the blogosphere, conservative Internet forums, talk radio, Regnery Publishing, FOX News, etc. --is driving these people absolutely batty.

Keep bringing it on.

If it were only Kerry unraveling, I would just feel sorry for the guy, and turn away in embarrassment. But Kerry is really the embodiment in human form of the lies of the Democrat "activist base." They wave the flag at election time, and pretend to be Americans, while they despise everything American, and dream of Euro-style rule-by-elites, and hope for the smothering of all our exuberant freedom under government regulation.

There couldn't be a more perfect example of "living a lie," than for those same lefty screwballs who protested the Vietnam war, and managed to get millions murdered or imprisoned by their communist friends, to now nominate a candidate to run as a "hero of the Vietnam War." Or for those same flakes to piously say the Pledge of Allegiance, and talk about "Old Glory," at the Convention. I know those people, we live in the midst of them. We were the only house on our block to fly the flag on the 4th of July. I know damn well what they are really thinking while they say the Pledge. When they pretend to be patriotic, they are living a lie.

And now, like one of those horror stories where someone imagines a monster, and the creature comes alive! the utter hypocrisy of the Dems has now taken human shape, and is haunting the landscape. Kerry is the Democrat Golem! Keep bringing it on, you clowns. The mallets and wooden stakes are ready...

Posted by John Weidner at August 20, 2004 9:31 AM
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