August 15, 2004

"scrambling in the muck"

By the way, Andrea Harris is trying to come up with the cash to get into a better apartment; one that's minutes rather than hours away from where she works. So if you ever had the vague and wistful idea that perhaps you might someday hit a blogger's tip-jar, this is a good time. (I may do it myself if certain overdue checks ever show up.)

Andrea is the real item. If I could write like her I'd call myself a blogger. The kind of writer who can make one pause in the rush and hurry of life and really see the daffodils tossing in the breeze. Here's an example I tucked away:

I'd like to know what kind of bell jar they grow these hothouse flowers in. I'll bet she's the sort of person who would blame her daughter for getting raped. She obviously thinks that only Westerners are capable of self-control; obviously one must speak softly around brown foreigners lest they go haywire. The patronizing little bint. God forbid we ever suggest that people everywhere should learn self-control -- ooh, that's imperialistic. I recognize her sort as the hypocritical type of woman who swans about boasting of how "nonconfrontational" she is until her privileges are threatened -- and then out come the knives and the insults. After civilization falls she'll be scrambling for bones in the muck with the other mutants. Me, I'd rather be dead than live on an earth ruled by the likes of her. And we will end up being ruled by the likes of her as long as we keep allowing people like her positions of privilege.

Posted by John Weidner at August 15, 2004 5:07 PM
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