August 14, 2004

Not surprised...

In a recent post I wrote: But imagine for a moment that you have to risk your money in a business deal that will be sealed with just a handshake. And your choice of partners is either a sociology professor or an oil wildcatter? Who you gonna pick?

Michael Gersh adds this in a comment, supporting my darkest suspicions:

To examine the ethics of professors, a little story here in Seattle regards a new loophole in Washington law, restricting pension contributions to the first thirty years of employment. So, the professors with 30 years in, with the complicity of the human resources department of U. W., all quit, got their pensions, and were rehired, in the same jobs at the same pay and tenure, the same day! They each got over a seventy five grand raise that day! And when the story broke, they even faced the cameras and could not see that they had done anything wrong! Some were proud that they had found this lucrative loophole.

I'll take a wildcatter's handshake any day.

Posted by John Weidner at August 14, 2004 12:42 PM
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