August 14, 2004

Just happiness...

Iraqi Olympic soccer team Washington Times. Iraq''s Sadir Salih, left, celebrates with his teammates Abbas Bassim, center, and Haidar Abdul Razzaq, after scoring during a men''s Group D preliminaries soccer match at the Pampeloponnisiako stadium during the 2004 Olympic Games in Patras, Greece.
I just had to post this because these guys look so happy.

But to save you Democrats from tedious comment-posting, behold, I will concede all your points!

Of course they were better off under Saddam.

And of course the whole Iraqi project is hopeless,

And of course they hate us for our cowboy blundering,

And of course backwards brown-skinned people can't succeed at democracy (just look at Latin America--dictators everywhere.)

And of course the money would have been better spent here at home,

And of course trying to change the world is "hubris," and we will be punished for it...

There. Happy now?

Posted by John Weidner at August 14, 2004 11:09 AM
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