August 9, 2004

First time tragedy, second time idiocy?

Trying to re-live your youth is not a good idea. This article, on Vietnam-Era protesters having a last hurrah, is just pathetic, and totally true--I see the same stuff here in San Francisco.

The problem with these guys is not so much that they decided to be anti-war, but that they didn't decide. It was automatic, there was no pondering, no balancing of costs of benefits. And especially, both then and now, they were not about to ask any Vietnamese or Iraqis what they thought of the matter. Then as now, they will happily toss millions of foreigners down the garbage-chute without a second thought.

...If Jack Hoffman [brother of Abby Hoffman] has been politically drowsy since he last participated in protests in the early 1970s, he could now be called something of a political insomniac: He is handing out leaflets, speaking to disciples of the left, participating in demonstrations -- anything to bash President Bush and what Hoffman describes as a wrong-headed war.

Hoffman is not the only aging Vietnam-era activist from the region agitating for Bush's ouster in November. For these veterans of political action, the consciousness of the late 1960s and early 1970s is seeing something of a revival: As they look to propel John Kerry to the White House, some say they haven't felt as driven since those heady days...

Actually, if people like Hoffman can re-live their youth, in a way us conservatives can too. It was those people, more than almost anything else, who created the conservative movement.

Before them there was no need for a "movement;" most Americans just were conservative. Journalists and pundits like to say that America has "moved to the right," but that's not true. The things Ronald Reagan became famous for articulating were normal middle-of-the-road American views until the 60's. And they are still normal American attitudes.

We are like that Frenchman who discovered he'd been speaking prose all his life.

The article is also interesting for the utter cynicism the anti-war anti-national-defense activists feel for the faux-patriotism of the Democratic convention. They have no doubt that it's a calculated lie.

Posted by John Weidner at August 9, 2004 9:23 AM
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