August 7, 2004

A tantalizing prospect...

This article suggests that Clarence Thomas is a possibility for the next Chief Justice. I can't think of a better choice. He's a great man and a top-notch jurist.

AND, for a bonus, the torment of the collectivists would be indescribable. As I wrote once before (9/13/02):

...The endless scurrility and abuse heaped on a great man named Clarence Thomas is one of the disgraces of our country and our time.

Leftizoids derive much of their supposed legitimacy from the Civil Rights Movement, and much of their bullying power from leftist judges. For a black person to not only be a conservative, but also a Supreme Court Justice, hits them in their tenderest spots. I suspect that most leftists think there is nothing wrong with slandering Thomas; that they are capable of inventing some ugly lie or distortion, and then with a clear "conscience" saying, "I define 'liberal' as someone interested in justice."...

The possibility of Thomas as Chief actually comes from a book, Judging Thomas. It looks intriguing, I'll be reading it soon. And that line: "I define 'liberal' as someone interested in justice" was written by a leftyblogger back then, as the starting point of an argument or debate about liberals/conservatives. Unbelievable. It still seems unbelievable. Those guys need to taste defeat, if only for the good of their souls.

Posted by John Weidner at August 7, 2004 3:24 PM
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