August 5, 2004

Soaring illogic

My friend Frank writes:

...With little else going on I did some Times bashing in a note to a friend of mine. You might be interested. They are such easy targets I sometimes feel guilty for picking on them.

The NY Times editorial Iran’s Nuclear Challenge (08/04/04) is laugh a paragraph. They are alarmed by Iran’s stated intentions to construct centrifuges for producing bomb fuel. But they blame it all on the Bush administration for dissipating our diplomatic and military capabilities in Iraq to the point where Iran has become more emboldened.

Note the soaring illogic. Had we NOT moved to enforce UN resolutions regarding Iraq we would somehow be in a STRONGER position to deal diplomatically and militarily with Iran. But the biggest laugh comes in their final paragraph about what to do with Iran now:

“For want of a better alternative, Europe is right to give Iran a little more time to change its mind. But the world cannot afford to wait long. Once the new centrifuges are completed, Iran's ambitions will become much harder to contain. If no agreement is reached soon, this apparent drive to build nuclear weapons should be recognized as a threat to international peace and security and taken up by the United Nations Security Council later this year.”
Since we “cannot afford to wait long” we should go to “the UN Security Council later this year”??  You have to wonder how these people make it until cocktail hour.
One line from the article: Diplomacy can resolve this issue only if both sides ultimately want a deal, and it is not at all clear that Iran's ruling clerics do... So what's the answer? Why, more diplomacy, of course!

The article claims that Iraq means our forces are stretched too thin for us to have a military option. That's bullshit. We could blockade them tomorrow, without affecting Iraq in any big way. We could blow their reactors to bits in a matter of minutes. It's not military power that's lacking, it's political capital. Everything the Bush Administration does is attacked by the lefties and appeasers of the world, with the NYT in the lead. There's a limit to what can be accomplished with such a drag. Now the NYT has the incredible effrontery to complain that the Administration can't do anything!

If the NYT crowd were Americans, instead of pseudo-Belgian appeasers and bellyachers, they would support our country in time of war, instead of doing everything possible to undercut and sabotage our efforts. The Mullahs are emboldened not by our lack of military power (which is roughly equivalent to the combined power of the entire rest of the world), they are emboldened by the NYT and all that it represents. They imagine they are dealing with a 50-50 America, with half of us being saps who believe the UN can save us. I predict they, and the NYT, are in for a nasty shock in November...

Posted by John Weidner at August 5, 2004 11:06 AM
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