July 31, 2004

"we are set up for a clear debate over the next few months..."

Cori Dauber has a good analysis of Kerry's speech, on the issue of waging war:

...I think that's wrong. [that the speech was incoherent and skirted all major issues.] I agree -- you have to go back and read the speech again in "the unforgiving light of day." You have to parse the critical section on the war carefully. But when you do, you'll see that there is a clear position there, and that it lines up in such perfect opposition to that of President Bush's that we are set up for a clear debate over the next few months that will allow us to choose between two very distinct visions of where this country should be in the world over the next four years.

If there was a single question we would ask, or see this speech as answering, it would be: did the events of September 11th change the world, or change the way the United States should relate to the rest of the world?...

The problem of course is, that while it is possible to discern much from Senator Kerry's words, they are never expressed so clearly that anyone could pin him down in debate. Never so clearly that he can't say that they mean something else.

A pity, but war has a way of shining a bright light on things that would prefer to stay under the rock.

Posted by John Weidner at July 31, 2004 7:00 PM
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