July 30, 2004

WHO needs to "restore trust and credibility???"

A good line from Lileks:

... And so on. All the stuff about restoring trust and credibility is nice, but note how no one is questioning the trust and credibility of the Brits, the French, the Russians and the UN, all of whom shared the same opinions about Iraqi capability...
There are a lot of such questions that might be asked. It's funny how selectively the "must restore trust and credibility" stuff is applied. In fact it only seems to apply to the USA...while under Republican leadership.

Shouldn't we be suggesting that the antiwar anti-national-defense Left has some problems with THEIR utterly false predictions about Iraq? The predictions of Middle-East-exploding-in-war, the famine-refugees-epidemics-burning oilfields?

There's been lots of pointing at "alternate plans" that allowed for bigger forces in Iraq. But the other plans included stuff like taking SIX MONTHS of bloody warfare to defeat Saddam's mighty army. Shouldn't those people be shuffling their feet and stammering over their mistakes?

The recent investigative report shows that prisoner abuse by US forces is, in fact, very rare in this war. Shouldn't the people who wrote and spoke as if it were endemic, and directed from the top, have to restore THEIR trust and credibility?? Hmmm?

Posted by John Weidner at July 30, 2004 9:54 AM
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