July 28, 2004

It's the "process" that's important...

AOG noted this line from Carter's speech:

In the meantime, the Middle East peace process has come to a screeching halt for the first time since Israel became a nation.
His comment:
Carter for once has said something about foreign policy that is in fact accurate. However, Carter seems to view this screeching halt as a bad thing. I can see how it might crimp his invitation to soiré rate or cut in to his honorariam cash flow, but in terms of actual peace it’s a big win. On the other hand, it’s been a big loss for the Arafat so I suppose I can see why Carter is for restarting the peace process. What’s a few hundred dead in comparison to the chance to sell out American interests to brutal, dictatorial thug like Arafat?
My thought is: I've never seen such a clear example of how simply and literally INSANE the "peace-process" mania of the Left is. If Carter's words are taken at face-value, this "process" has lasted 56 years. Without producing anything resembling peace.

I guess we just have to be patient and give the "process" some time.

Posted by John Weidner at July 28, 2004 8:03 PM
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