July 26, 2004

Tying himself in knots...

Hindrocket at PowerLine writes:

For a while, Andrew Sullivan was a powerful and effective pro-national security, and mostly conservative, voice. His web site was one of the inspirations that prompted me to start blogging. But once the possibility of gay marriage opened up, Andrew could think of little else. It has been obvious for the past year that he has been preparing to endorse the Democratic nominee, whoever he may be. Andrew may or may not be fooling himself when he paints a pro-security veneer on his support for John Kerry, but he isn't fooling anyone else.
He's referring to this post by Sullivan, who is going through ludicrous contortions to try to justify dumping most of what he has professed to believe in favor of a single issue. He would do better to just be honest, rather than trying to convince us that Kerry is "the conservative choice."

* Update: I notice that the other Sullivan has taken the trouble to pour some cold water on Andrew S's logic...

Posted by John Weidner at July 26, 2004 11:00 AM
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