July 24, 2004

They fight back—that's bad. Very bad....

Alex Alexiev writes in FrontPage Magazine Of Afghan Girl Schools and American Allies:

Flying back home on the day the NATO summit opened in Istanbul, I came across an article by a British journalist, Charles Clover, in the venerable Financial Times. In it, the author blasted the American military in astonishingly vitriolic language. He described our troops as “socially maladjusted” and “natural-born killers” that have become "America’s main international liability.”...
Mr Alexiev just returned from visiting American and Allied forces in Afghanistan, so he is able to forcefully refute this Euro-filth. Mr Clover can see the awesome violence we unleash in war, but everything positive we do is invisible to him. Do read.

Of course, from a the perspective of a European lefty, our forces are “socially maladjusted.” For instance, they are actually willing and able to fight! Their enemies fear them! How much more barbaric and primitive can you get? And they are willing to fight for freedom, not just of Americans, but of oppressed people in distant lands. (Not only fight, but work! Ugh.) You can't get much more maladjusted than that. Most of them still believe in honor, patriotism (and, shudder, even God). That's creepy, and a huge liability. If you want to be popular in Berlin.

I guess Mr Clover is right, 'cause our guys really are “natural-born killers." You attack them, they kill you. And it just seems natural to us “socially maladjusted” Americans. In fact, we are proud of it. Screw you, Mr well-adjusted blood-sucking Euro flab-worm.
(Thanks to Blackfive)

Posted by John Weidner at July 24, 2004 8:21 PM
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