July 22, 2004

Among the Amish...

Orrin Judd linked to this piece, about an impromptu meeting of President Bush with some Amish people in Lancaster County:

... An Amish woman who lives on a farm across Witmer Road from Lapp Electric that morning had presented a quilt to the president with a card thanking him for his leadership of the country. Bush said he would like to talk to the quilter and her family.

So the Secret Service invited the family to meet the president. Friends wanted to come along, and the entire assembly eventually numbered about 60. They were evenly divided between adults and children of all ages. The group walked together across the road to Lapp Electric.

Stoltzfus reports: “It took a while to get them through the metal detectors as these were farmers and shop men, with vice grips, pocket knives, and nuts and bolts in their pockets. Some ladies had baby gear. All pockets had to be emptied.’’...

The press wasn't there, but a local writer put together a story for the Lancaster New Era. If you follow Bush, like I do, you encounter these oddities frequently. They are never reported in the mainstream press.

Posted by John Weidner at July 22, 2004 8:01 AM
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