July 21, 2004

Wretchard writes:

The Berger story will make it impossible to post until a sense of its extent emerges. The story of the former National Security Adviser stuffing classified material pertaining to the 9/11 terrorist investigation into his pants and socks is like an opening scene into a larger show; the vestibule into a darkened mansion; the trailer to a movie we are half afraid and half compelled to watch. [link]
My guess is that the story will turn out to be a Disney comedy of bumbling and incompetence. Clinton seems to have hired only lightweights who would make him look smart by comparison.

But what mainly occurs to me is that the coddling of Democrats by the media is not helping them. Just the opposite. It's been pointed out how unfair it is; If Condi were caught pilfering secret docs, there would be banner-headlines, she would be forced to resign, and Democrats would be howling for impeachment. But that's precisely why Condaleeza Rice will never be in such a mess. She knows she's in hostile territory, and any misstep will bring a savage attack.

My guess: Life in the Clinton Administration taught Berger that you can break the rules without fear of serious consequences.

* Update: David Frum makes a similar point:

The Democrats are not well served by the media bias in their favor. Irritating as conservatives may find these quadrennial orgies of positive publicity for the Democratic nominees, any Democratic nominees, conservatives at least know not to believe it. Liberals though find themselves being whirled about by their own spin until they are dizzy...
...I sometimes think that Democrats suffer from the same problem as ultimately felled Saddam Hussein: They cannot trust their servants to report the truth.
[Frum actually read the Newsweek piece on Kerry and Edwards. He found it more revealing than the authors probably intended.]

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