July 18, 2004

More unintended consequences...

* Update to previous post: I found this article on the Cheney family snarky but interesting. It's very telling; the NewsWeekies obviously don't care for the Cheney's, but can't find anything solidly bad to say to say about them. (Just as they write puff-pieces about Edwards, but can't find anything solid to praise him for.) They have to admit there is no evidence of any wrongdoing vis a vis the Halliburton Corporation.

More unintended consequences, at least for me. Newsweek calls the Cheney family stuff like: intense, prickly, insular, dangerous to cross.... Hey, I think I like these people! I'd like to get to know them better!

Vice president Cheney and his wife and daughters
'The Family,' left to right: Lynne,
Dick, Mary and Liz
photo: David Hume Kennerly

[Thanks for the link to Betsy Newmark, who notes: One of the authors is Evan Thomas, who said openly last week that the media wanted Kerry to win and would publish glowing reports about Edwards and Kerry. To back that up, Newsweek had a sickening kissup piece about how wonderful John Edwards is last week. I guess this article on Dick Cheney is their effort at balance: praise Edwards, bash Cheney. ]

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