July 17, 2004

"You can't just do nothing..."

Here's an interesting little piece in the Washington Post, Iraq's 'True Heroes', by Steve Danyluk, a major in the U.S. Marine Corps:

...For 30 years Iraqis were brutalized by a tyrant. The collective psyche of the Iraqi people is akin to that of a battered wife whose oppressor has finally been removed from the household. They're far better off with the batterer gone, but they're scared, confused and lacking the confidence to go it on their own just yet. It will take continuous mentoring, counseling and a lot of time. Our Marines are doing these things with great skill and patience. The sooner we fix it the sooner we can come home.

I've become friends with a lieutenant colonel in the Iraqi National Guard here. Real bright guy, speaks good English, lived in Europe for five years. He makes $250 a month, doesn't own a car, rides a bus for two hours to get to work and lives in constant fear that his family will be targeted because he is in the guard. "Why do you do it," I asked him, knowing he could make five times that amount as a translator or a contractor here on the base. His response was that doing nothing is not an option. If you ask me, guys like him are the true heroes over here. "Is there hope for this place?" I asked. "No, there is no hope," he responded sardonically. Again, "Why do you do it," and again the answer: You can't just do nothing... (thanks to Athena)

Makes me think of that disgusting crack by a Democrat, that the Ba'athists and terrorists are Iraq's "Minutemen." Guys like this ING officer are the Minutemen. They deserve our respect and support. Ten or twenty years from now they will be helping us in some future scrap. Remember how the South Koreans helped us in Vietnam?

No, of course you don't, because the truth has been buried under a torrent of socialist propaganda. You won't see it in your schoolbooks. But they did; over 300,000 ROK troops served with us. Unfortunately, people like John Kerry had the say-so in the end, and so Vietnam is a brutal totalitarian tyranny...just as Iraq would be if they were in charge.

Posted by John Weidner at July 17, 2004 8:48 AM
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