July 16, 2004

Measure five times, cut once...

I often build cabinets to fit within a particular opening or into a niche. I measure very carefully, cut and assemble with great care, and should be confident of the result. But every time, I breath a sigh of relief when the piece fits, and think, "Wow. It actually worked!"

Same here. I knew tax cuts would lead to greater strength in our economy, which in turn would increase tax receipts. But it's sure nice to see it in black and white:

... "What we are seeing is the impact of a good economy, the impact of extraordinarily strong corporate profits, and likely the impact of more people being caught in the alternative minimum tax," Drew Matus, financial markets economist at Lehman Brothers in New York, said in response to the report.

"Surprisingly strong receipts are really helping out a great deal here. There is no reason to suspect, given the employment growth we have seen, that this trend will change any time soon," he said.

The June result exceeded Wall Street forecasts of a $16.50 billion surplus, as well as a $16 billion surplus projection from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office... [thanks to Dean]

Thank you President Bush. Our economy is going to keep growing, and its future size will dwarf the current deficits. I know that.

Of course, if the stupid lies were true, and we really had had "massive tax cuts for the rich," the beneficial effect on the economy would probably be far greater, and we'd all end up better off in the long run. There's no way that will happen. The stupid idea that if my income goes up, but my neighbor becomes a billionaire, then I've been "cheated," that I've been "hurt," is too deeply embedded, both in human nature and leftish propaganda. So taxes will continue to be progressive, a faux "solution" to the "problem" of income inequality.

Posted by John Weidner at July 16, 2004 6:36 PM
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