July 14, 2004

" the fence is reversible"

Jay Nordlinger writes

...Also, let me quote the heroically sane response of Ehud Olmert, deputy prime minister of Israel: "The fence is unpleasant, but, believe me, being attacked by a homicide bomber is much less pleasant. The fence may not be convenient, but it doesn't kill people."

Moreover, as someone pointed out — I can't remember who, perhaps Olmert himself — the fence is reversible, whereas the dead . . . stay dead.

You would think that Israel's using non-lethal means to stop murderers would garner praise, wouldn't you? No way. It seems to be considered to be worse than when they just kill the terrorists. Bizarre. The only good Jew's a Jew that lets himself be killed, at least according to our "International Institutions."

Meanwhile, I bet not one single "International Institution" will even consider criticising this:

JERUSALEM — Palestinian terror thugs are running a kiddie summer camp touting a chilling new feature — live performances of mock kidnap-slayings of Jews.

As kids as young as 10 don military fatigues and struggle to tote AK-47 assault rifles nearly as big as they are, sicko teachers can be seen in video footage staging the roadside abduction of an "Israeli" wearing glasses and a yarmulke...

How cute, little baby "freedom fighters." Or, as a prominent Democrat calls such people, "Minutemen." Isn't that just darling.

Quick, Progressives, you can go here and buy a "solidarity kaffiya" to demonstrate your solidarity with those brave young resistance fighters working so hard on a final solution to Jewish and American Imperialism... I didn't notice any "solidarity dynamite belts," but I bet they can fix you up with one if you ask nicely..

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