July 14, 2004


Here's a post abut an amusement park that used to offer free admission to the severely handicapped...but no more.

...Effective January 01, 2004, we will not be able to offer free or discounted admission to anyone based on their disability or level of disability. From a legal standpoint, our staff is not qualified to make decisions on who should or should not be given free admission to the park based on their level of disability. For those reasons we regret to inform you that individuals who have been admitted under our previous disability policy will no longer be allowed to enter free of charge.
They don't say why explicitly, but it's easy to guess. The ADA has conjured up yet another army of parasite lawyers who do nothing but file shakedown lawsuits.

Charlene's involved in a case like that. Nice, expensive apartment house, being sued by a guy with no income, who claims he had no wheelchair access to the rental office. Represented, of course, by a firm that files such lawsuits routinely. Who really pays? You do, if you are a renter...

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