July 13, 2004

The world's newest THEME PARK!

I was just thinking a little more about the previous post. I remember keenly, bitterly the humiliation when the rag-heads in Iran held our people hostage, and that despicable slime-worm Jimmy Carter did nothing, thereby hanging a "kick me" sign on America's back for all the world to read.

Well now it's payback time. (No, not Carter. Second-best.) You might not think so, because the mullahs aren't getting the Hellfire Missile grease-spot treatment. Not yet. But they are squirming and sweating. Because the one place they can't close off or wall away is Iraq. Not when their holy pilgrimage cities are there.

And now George W Bush is turning Iraq into the world's newest and most thrilling theme park! Come to Great SatanLand! Eat KFC while strolling through Globalization Village! Cast a vote in ElectionPark. Start a blog in InternetWorld. Watch those wacky IraqiPolice in their colorful costumes haul crooks and Jihadis off to wherever it is they take them. Buy cars, computers and DVD players in FreeTradeLand! Take an entrepreneurial thrill-ride on Capitalism Mountain!

We have rose-candy, we have spikenard,
Mastic and terebinth and oil and spice,
And such sweet jams meticulously jarred
As God’s own Prophet eats in Paradise.
Suffer, you bearded commissars. Your tin-pot paradise is going to be dissolved! Eaten away by the acid-bath of freedom and American ideas. Your daughters will cherish Barbie Dolls, get HelloKitty tattoos, and wear hideous garments designed in Los Angeles. You are toast!

Thank You, Mr President! Thank You, Sinister Neocon Cabal! Perfect knight's-move on the GWOT chessboard. Revenge, as the cliché goes, is a dish best eaten cold...[Actually I prefer hot, or even better, preemptive, but I'm thankful for whatever I can get.]

Posted by John Weidner at July 13, 2004 9:26 PM
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