July 12, 2004

"Bush Lied" balunkey #916

(The numbers are just my joke this week...pay them no mind.) John Podhoretz writes:

...Indeed, the [Senate Intelligence Committee] report destroys the entire edifice of the "BUSH LIED" temple. Here's the key sentence: "The committee found no evidence that the [intelligence community's] mischaracterization or exaggeration of weapons of mass destruction capabilities was the result of political pressure."

This sentence, on the second page of the report's conclusions, was agreed to, unanimously, by the members of the Senate committee, including every Democrat. Some of them, disgracefully, are already claiming that they don't think that sentence means what it says.

In other words, THEY LIE.

Something to think about: Right now, anyone "on the inside" who will stick a knife in the President has got it made! Democrats will treat them (unlike our soldiers) as heroes, their picture will be on all the magazines, their book will be pushed onto the best-seller lists. They will command rapt respect on the TV shows, and the NYT and Paul Krugman will construct edifices of political thought upon their foundation.

ANY of the hundreds of CIA people interviewed by the Senate Committee could have had their 15 minutes, and their 30 pieces of silver, just for saying they felt pressured to "sex-up" evidence of WMD's...but not one did.

Posted by John Weidner at July 12, 2004 8:38 AM
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