July 11, 2004

.54-caliber pistol...ouch!

Hamilton, Burr Kin Re-Enact Famous Duel Sun Jul 11, 1:24 PM ET

By STEVE STRUNSKY, Associated Press Writer, WEEHAWKEN, N.J. - The bitter grudge between their ancestors has long faded, but on Sunday descendants of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr marked their paces with pistols in hand. Antonio Burr, a descendant of Burr's cousin, arrived by rowboat in period costume and fired a replica of the .54-caliber pistol that mortally wounded Hamilton 200 years ago in the July 11, 1804 duel.

Douglas Hamilton, a fifth-great-grandson of Hamilton, feigned the historic hip wound, dropping to one knee and then falling to the ground in a sitting position...

(Thanks to Rob)

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