July 8, 2004

speaking as an aloof, indigestion-prone blog-world insider....

I don't have strong opinions about Mr Edwards, as a politician. (As an ambulance-chaser, my position is, "You hold this here wooden stake, while I swing the mallet.") For all I know he'd make a good President, should the burden fall to him. (I suspect that the burdensome fate that awaits him is to be a trivia question.) So I confess that I wasn't able to be the least bit upset by the ludicrous bias in this piece. I just thought it was hilarious:

...On hearing the news that the good-looking, charismatic Senator John Edwards had been named as his Democrat challenger, Vice-President Dick Cheney got on the phone to welcome him to the battle for the White House.

These will probably be the last warm words Mr Cheney has for his Democrat rival until election day in November. With unfavourable comparisons already being drawn between the silver-tongued, vigorous senator and Mr Cheney, the aloof, heart-attack-prone Washington insider, the Republican machine has gone into overdrive...

(thanks, Tim Blair)

Posted by John Weidner at July 8, 2004 8:08 PM
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