July 5, 2004

Ahhh, the French...

Keep this in mind when Democrats tout the superior moral virtues of the French, and lament that the cowboy Bush Administration has driven away our French friends who would otherwise be glad to help liberate Arabs:

...It seems that, as a French Arab (or an Assyrian), you're more likely to get a job in government in Iraq than in France.

Back in February, I blogged the latest spectacular failure in including Arabs in the French political process. Though Maghrebans make up 10% of French society (slightly smaller than the percentage of blacks in the US population), there is not a single Arab mayor in France. In December, PM Raffarin had a list of forty to fifty candidates of Arab extraction drawn up to stand on the UMP list the March parliamentary elections. Three weeks later, the list had been cleansed of almost all the Arab names on it and the handful remaining began withdrawing in protest. There are now only 7 Arabs in the French parliament (there are more Arab MPs in Israel, a country 90% smaller than France!). Until then, there had not been a single Arab member of parliament (and therefore not a single Arab minister). Currently, France has only two Arabs holding executive public office.... [And keep those Israeli-Arab MP's in mind when Leftizoid phonies go on and on and on about the sins of Israel. They don't give a damn that Arabs in KSA or Yemen or Egypt don't get to elect MP's. In fact, they don't give a damn about Arabs, period.]

And read on! Read about a French Arab, a woman, who has reached ministerial rank. Oooops, but not in France. In Iraq.....Great story.

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