July 3, 2004


Andrea Harris gives me something to munch with the morning's cuppa joe:

Oh, what a surprise: another journalist tells more lies! This is what I mean: read how the account (by a reporter on the scene who could by no stretch of the imagination be called a shill for the Bushitler Imperalist Hegemon) of the toppling of a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad with the help of some American marines is transformed over a year after the fact into something completely conceived of and orchestrated by those dastardly military men! Go on, I’ll wait.

Notice how clever the reporter on the latter story is: he doesn’t lie brazenly, such as telling us the statue wasn’t toppled or there was no statue or it was all done in Adobe GoLive or something. No, he merely twists events that actually happened to fit his (and his paper’s?) agenda of controlling the way we remember recent history. I don’t think (as Captain Ed does) that journalists and editors at the LA Times or at any other paper are at all ignorant of how to use Google; I think they know very well how to correctly research their claims, but they are banking on the (I think correct) assumption that most of their readers take for granted that what they are publishing is true, and also that most people don’t remember what happened last week in the rest of the world outside of their own personal lives, much less last year. Taking this ignorance into consideration, the people who run the pro-news media have decided that the time is ripe to shape the future as they see fit. After all, it’s for our own good. Jeez, I hate these people more and more every day.

They deserve to be hated. And pitied.

Be of good cheer, Andrea. They are telling lies because they are desperate, because the light of truth shows them to be losers, and their party to be on the way out. They feel they need lies to counter the mind-rays Rumsfeld is beaming into everyone's tooth-fillings. (Ooops, sorry if teeth are a sensitive subject.)

Notice how "fiskings" always seem to go in one direction? If they could use facts to show how us Zombie Legions of Our Master the Vice-President are concocting good-news-from-the-GWOT out of cobwebs, they would study hard, and figure how to use Google in a matter of weeks...

Posted by John Weidner at July 3, 2004 9:43 AM
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