June 29, 2004

"How do I know this? Because my fellow Marines and I witnessed it with our own eyes."

You really gotta read this, about some totally phony Washington Post Iraq reporting, by someone who was there and knows the truth.

..."The refusal of Marine commanders to recognize Fadhil's new title has fueled particularly intense anti-American sentiments here," Chandrasekeran continued. "In scenes not seen in other Iraqi cities, U.S. convoys have been loudly jeered. Waving Marines have been greeted with angry glares and thumbs-down signs."

Readers must have concluded that Kut was on the verge of exploding. The entire city was ready to throw out the despised American infidel invaders and install their new "mayor" as their beloved leader.

What utter rubbish. In our headquarters, we had a small red splotch on a large map of Kut, representing the neighborhood that supported Abbas Fadhil. When asked about him, most citizens of Kut rolled their eyes. His followers were mainly poor, semi-literate, and not particularly well-liked. They were marginal in every sense of the word, and they mattered very little in the day-to-day life of a city that was struggling to get back on its feet.

We knew the local sentiment intimately, because as civil affairs Marines, our job was to help restore the province's water, electricity, medical care, and other essentials of life. Our detachment had teams constantly coming and going throughout the city, and Chandrasekeran could have easily accompanied at least one of them.

Since he didn't, he couldn’t see how the Iraqis outside of the red splotch reacted to us. People of every age waved and smiled as we rumbled past (except male youths, who, like their American counterparts, were too cool for that kind of thing.) Our major security problem was keeping friendly crowds of people away from us so we could spot bad guys...

Slanted reporting to support the Liberal agenda is nothing new, though it is at a fever-pitch right now, due, I believe, to the 70-Year Cycle. My dad, who was in the nursery business, knew a greenhouse owner in the South. During the Civil Rights Era, this guy's face appeared on the cover of LIFE Magazine, as a grotesque rabble-rouser screaming up opposition to blacks. The trouble was, the photo was actually snapped at his company picnic, when he'd had a few drinks and was singing with his mostly-black employees...I'm sure millions of leftish types saw that picture, and thought of themselves as superior beings in contrast to the troglodytes of the Old South.

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