June 22, 2004

Thank you, Ali...

I'm trying to catch up on blog-reading after being away. It's hard. I just noticed this by Ali, at the indispensable IRAQ THE MODEL:

Iraqi soldiers save U.S. marine. I don't know why all we get (all of us) is pictures of a bunch of idiots throwing bricks at burned cars. Why don't they cover such stories!? Now of course I'm not surprised, I'm only disgusted by the attitude of the major media.
Disgusted is just the right word. Read the story, it's great! Thrilling. You won't see these things on TV or in your newspaper; the Media Wing of the Democratic Party suppresses such items. You're wasting your time, suckers, the era of the appeaser is about over.

Even if the newsmedia could suppress the truth entirely, even if they succeed in convincing Americans that Iraq is a hopeless quagmire, their party will still be crushed in November. It's probably impossible for the nihilist crowd to understand this, but ordinary Americans still believe in our country, in our freedoms and traditions. And we are willing to fight for them. And we will keep up our courage even in the darkest and most difficult times.

You watch. I'm predicting it. The War on Terror will be long and difficult, as the President has said. Democrats will continue to cackle with pleasure at every Coalition mistake and reverse, but ordinary Americans will just get more stubborn and tough and tenacious. (And if Ali is any indication, Iraqis will too.)

Posted by John Weidner at June 22, 2004 10:15 PM
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