June 21, 2004

Some pix from our vacation...

The high point of our vacation was spending a few days on a ranch in North Dakota. Knife River Ranch is no dude ranch, it's a working cattle ranch that also has cabins for a few guests. Ron and Lois Wanner and their sons are the best sort of hosts; we felt right at home. Entertainment is just loafing by the river, or watching the ranch work, or taking horseback rides—usually just riding along as the Wanners check up on cattle or horses in distant fields. Betsy got to to help chase cattle that had broken through a fence.
herd of young horses
Here we rode out in the evening to take a look at a herd of younger horses, not yet ready to be trained.

Betsy feeding a new colt
and here's our daughter Betsy feeding a week-old colt whose mother doesn't have enough milk...

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