June 10, 2004

Last....26th....above average....do the math

Lots to ponder here...

Deseret Morning News. Utah is still last in ed spending. But state ranks 26th in nation in ratio of income spent for students: When it comes to the amount of money spent on each public school student, Utah continues to rank last in the nation, according to a new U.S. Census Bureau report.

      The report released Tuesday shows Utah's spending per student at $4,890 in 2002 — $8,290 less than the District of Columbia, which topped the list at $13,187. The state closest to Utah is Mississippi, which spent $5,382 per student, according the census. Utah would have to boost its state spending by more than $300 million just to bump itself off the bottom of the list, said Mark Petersen, spokesman for the State Office of Education.

      However, Utah holds steady on its test scores — well above the national average in science, and is slightly above average in reading and math, Petersen said. "Considering the resources spent, it's a remarkable bargain the taxpayers are getting," Petersen said...


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