June 7, 2004

Prediction by Peggy

Reporters who regularly slammed Ronald Reagan while he was president are quietly seething now that they're forced to mouth platitudes about the man's greatness, former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan said Sunday night.

"[Journalists] are willing, over the next few days, to concede what is so obvious that they have to concede it - his personal goodness, etc.," Noonan told Matt Drudge on his radio show.

But with a solid week of commemorations for the conservative icon still ahead, liberal reporters will barely be able to contain themselves, she predicted.

"I'll bet they start pulling a few political [stunts] - kind of letting their biases out a little bit more. And I'll tell you, there's going to be an explosion next weekend [after Reagan is buried].

"That will mean that the elite journalistic media will have gone through seven days of talking kindly about Reagan," said Noonan. "I would say that by next Friday night, they're going to blow."[link]

They will bring up Iran-Contra for sure. Here's another view of that affair. The poor poor Nicaraguans...due to Reagan's meddling they've been stuck having elections ever since! Instead of a trendy Commandante that Hollywood lefties and Jimmy Carter and J. Kerry could fawn over. How tacky.

Ever notice how, once countries like Nicaragua start having elections, they drop off the map? That is, the media map. They are not news any more. If you measured things by media exposure, Cuba would be bigger than all the rest of Latin America combined! And if you are tempted to feel angry when Hollywood nitwits fawn over Castro, stop a minute to feel sorry for them! He's all they have left, in the entire Western Hemisphere!! One garrulous old gray-beard with a wrecked economy.

If the Left is acting crazy these days, sympathize a bit, think how they must feel, as whole chunks of the planet just vanish before their eyes...

Posted by John Weidner at June 7, 2004 7:19 AM
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