May 30, 2004

Good news in bad packages...

Cori writes:


I'm starting to believe that the New York Times will wait to mention projects or programs in Iraq that reflect real progress, certainly real change in people's lives since Saddam's time, until they can figure out a way to put a negtive spin on their admission.

The wind-up here is a bit long, but bear with me: the pitch is pretty good.

Thus although the CPA has been mentioning for some time that there are literally hundreds of local councils, freely elected, all over Iraq, the real beginnings of democracy not just in Iraq but in the Arab world, (and that in all these elections the Islamists keep losing) only now do they get front page coverage in the Times -- tempered by as much bad news as possible...

One thing that's been worrying me about Iraq is that we didn't appear to be doing much to promote local small-scale democracy. It seemed like a glaring omission.

But we have! It's been happening, just not getting much attention. The NYT article Cori references spins things to look as horrid as possible, but it is happening. And the article casts a sort of shadow or reverse...I mean, it doesn't quote anybody who is happy or excited about this stuff. Righhht. That may seem credible in Manhattan, but not to me. It conjures up in my mind a whole bunch of other people whose quotes never made it out of the reporter's notebook, or were stripped out by some editor in New York. I hardly know whether to thank the Times for the info, or revile them for coloring it to look as bad as possible.

Posted by John Weidner at May 30, 2004 4:43 PM
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