May 29, 2004

not interested in showing the truth...

The next time you hear about brutal Israeli forces terrorizing poor hapless Palestinians, keep this item in mind. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) wants the press to see what they are doing! Begged for it! But the truth would interfere with the Party Line, so "no dice."

Jerusalem Post:...In an attempt to get the foreign media to report what is actually happening on the ground in Gaza, the IDF's spokesman's unit pleaded with foreign news agencies to join IDF forces in their operations and see for themselves. By mid-week, the IDF had to admit that the attempt was an abject failure. Almost no one took them up on the offer. The foreign media is not interested in showing the truth. They simply want to criminalize Israel...
And despite lies to the contrary, the US embed program is still open for business. But guess what? Surprise, surprise! Hardly any reporters are willing to join. They would rather sit in the hotel bar and compose stories about how the secretive Bush administration is probably covering up crimes.

Posted by John Weidner at May 29, 2004 8:57 PM
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