May 29, 2004

We support the troops...if they arrive on rubber rafts...

Just your ordinary everyday LeftLunacy. Olympia does not welcome a visit from the USS Olympia!

South Sound -The Olympian:
OLYMPIA -- Concerns about the possible arrival of a nuclear-powered submarine in about 10 days has prompted officials to take action.

The City Council on Tuesday voted 4-3 -- with Mayor Mark Foutch and members Jeanette Hawkins and Doug Mah dissenting -- to draft a resolution opposing the arrival of the USS Olympia and send the message that the vessel is not welcome here. A public hearing to consider the item is set for May 25.

Councilman TJ Johnson, who made the motion, said he is concerned about the community's safety and the secrecy surrounding the submarine's arrival. The council did not learn of the submarine until last week, he said.

"It is a publicly financed killing machine; there is no other way to look at this," he said...(thanks to orbital)

The visit was cancelled.(I think the name of that ship should be changed forthwith. Perhaps there is some patriotic coastal town that would like to put out the welcome mat, and offer their name.)

New slogan: Vote For Kerry. He Supports our Troops. (nudge nudge wink wink.)

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