May 29, 2004

"two and a half million refugees have returned..."

Tom Bowler pointed me to this interesting piece on Tony Blair and Afghanistan:

...Mr Blair denied that Afghanistan was a "forgotten country". He said: "It is neither forgotten nor is it a country that is going backwards." Conceding that there was "more to do", he said: "The actual prognosis for Afghanistan is good. Sure there are big problems. These nations are failed states of total and absolute degradation. You don't turn them around in two or three years so they become first world countries en route to joining the European Union. It's not like that for a country like Afghanistan."

He said it was "absolutely wrong and unfortunate" if people thought no progress had been made in Afghanistan over the past two or three years.

"There are five and a half million kids in school including over two million girls who were banned from school. The economy has grown by 30 per cent this year and is expected to grow by 20 per cent. The most telling statistic is that two and a half million refugees have returned to Afghanistan," he said.

Donald Anderson, chairman of the select committee, issued a statement challenging his own committee members. "The Independent report is more newspaper spin than any considered view of the committee as a whole," he said...

It's called "voting with your feet." People are also streaming into Iraq. It's the Left's worst nightmare. (Since at least 1917.)

Pray tell, how many people are pressing into the areas that the UN is "protecting?" How many of the many many French incursions into Africa have resulted in places people want to get into?

Posted by John Weidner at May 29, 2004 9:54 AM
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