May 22, 2004

Intemperate rant...just skip over it...

When you hear of the so-called consciences of Democrats oozing remorse for the sin of being American, think of this story...

These are the people Democrats are FOR. [Yeah, yeah, I know. Not all Dems.] These are the ones they DON'T criticize, since they are busy with the much-more-important-work of criticizing Americans. These are the slimebags they want to help put into power in Iraq. These are the "victims" they want to protect from the brutality of the Americans. These are the "allies" they are tacitly working with to get Kerry elected:

...I looked off to the left at a frontage road and I saw nine cars in rows of three. There was a line of women in front of all the cars, and some of them had children with them. I thought they were just watching us get attacked, and then men started popping up behind them firing at us - they were using the women as shields!! It took me a second to realize that. They were standing on the hoods of the cars behind the women and children; it shocked the hell out of me. Then we started getting hit with small arms fire, which sounded like golf balls hitting metal. I started firing back at them but I couldn’t get passed the women; they were all I could hit, and they started falling down. The men turned around and ran back behind the cars to fire...(via Zhang Fei)
Keep this stuff in mind when you hear lefty-commentators saying "Abu Ghraib is all of us," and that we are tainted forever and should just slink away in shame and turn everything over to the saintly protectors of Rawanda. Those animals using women and children as shields are OK by them. No leftizoid will express the least morsel of outrage over this. Nor will you read about it in the mainstream press.

They don't care! They. Do. Not. Care! They are cold-hearted bastards, and would gladly turn Iraq over to whatever murderous thugs happen to seize power.

Read the whole story. It's an account of a fuel convoy getting shot-up in Baghdad. It's WAR. It's hair-raising. It's what Democrats are trying to pretend doesn't exist. Because WE are the good guys and WE are locked in desperate global combat with a lot of real bad guys. And any American who reads this kind of thing is going to say, "Why the hell aren't we supporting these men? They are heroes! Why are we putting 90% of our energy into attacking and hampering them?"

"And why, exactly, are our Democrat leaders not bursting with pride just to be part of the same country as these soldiers? WHY?

...We pulled up behind Mathew Maupin's truck, a fellow soldier who was riding with a civilian also, but no sooner did we get behind his truck then his tanker exploded, the truck swerving off the highway, down through a ditch into a bunch of buildings. It was one big ball of flames. Later on, Matt was seen on the Al-Jazeera network as a hostage, and is believed to be still in their custody. After his truck exploded in front of us, we came upon another truck that was laying on its side in the ditch on our left - it was one of ours. There were Iraqi civilian tankers on both sides of us, which the Iraqis use as roadside bombs - when you drive past them they blow them up.

Behind the military tanker on the right, I saw a man lying on his stomach, popping his head up and down to look at us. He just kept popping his head up, I propped my weapon up on the side mirror of our truck and started aiming for his head; I was either going to shoot him in the head or the back, all I could think at the time was, "he is one of the attackers and he is going to blow up both of the trucks as we pass." I saw that he was holding something up in his left hand. It was white. I didn’t know exactly what it was, my heart was pounding so hard, and I was sure it was a remote detonator, but I kept looking and I didn’t fire at him. As we got closer and closer, I saw that he was an American civilian, and he was holding his ID up trying to let us know he was one of ours. When I was in the hospital later on, I saw the same guy on the news, it was Thomas Hamill, who later escaped his Iraqi captors when he heard American soldiers outside the house he was being held prisoner in...

I'm grateful to those men, they are fighting for freedom. For Civilization! They are fighting in one battle of the World War that started 9/11. Fighting for us.

And when I think of all those lefties sitting like buttery buddhas oozing conscience-juice from every pore, steaming and bubbling with loathing of America, enveloped in a sickly perfume of moral posturing, and utterly oblivious to anything that won't help them get back into political power. Forget it, you clowns. You've forfeited the right to lead America. Come November, you're gone...

Posted by John Weidner at May 22, 2004 3:16 PM
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