May 17, 2004

"Unusable ordnance were buried and forgotten..."

On the subject of WMD's not being found, I heard someone on the radio talking about the seven giant cannon that were used in WWI to bombard paris. Guns with 130-foot long barrels. After the war no trace of them was found! No one knows what happened to them.

On the same subject, there's this:

The Henry L. Stimson Center - DC---CBW Chronicle, Volume III, Issue 3 (December 2001):Washington DC’s congressional representative Eleanor Holmes Norton(D) and Representative Constance Morella (D-Maryland) have requested a General Accounting Office investigation into the Army’s cleanup of buried chemical munitions in the nation’s capital. Buried weapons dating back to World War I, some of which contain chemical agent, were discovered nine years ago in the upscale Spring Valley neighborhood near the campus of American University. The lawmakers announced their plans at a House Government Reform Committee hearing in July 2001 on chemical weapons-related arsenic contamination in Washington, DC. The requested inquiry would include not only the Spring Valley neighborhood (shown in figure 2), but also parts of Catholic University, the University of the District of Columbia, and the Washington Naval Yard. Covering less than 70 square miles, Washington, DC ranks tenth on a list of sites nationwide with potentially buried munitions.

Three years after American University had officially opened its doors, the US government leased some 660 acres of land from the university in 1917 for weapons research and testing. The 1,200 chemists and engineers on staff at the American University Experiment Station would eventually work with nearly fifty different poisonous gases, including mustard gas and lewisite. At the conclusion of the war, most of the weapons were shipped to Edgewood Arsenal in Aberdeen, Maryland. However, as was customary at the time, unusable ordnance were buried and forgotten..

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