May 16, 2004


From IraqNow:

...Not ones to let the facts get in the way of a good story, the editors of the Boston Globe chose to run with the pics even over the objections of the reporter on the piece.

The unimpeachable provenance of the photographs? Well, the Boston Globe traces them back as far as a Nation of Islam member.


Not to beat on a dead horse, here, but had they actually had a veteran somewhere in the newsroom, he could have taken a look at the photos and instantly said they were fakes:

People hardly ever wear camoflage paint in Iraq. When they do, they don't wear it like that. The face camoflage in the photos on the Sex in War site is not done to military standard, or even close. No one who's ever been in the military would wear it like that.

There are patches missing. Ok, some people in Iraq have patches missing. But only on DCUs--not on obviously worn and faded green camoflage uniforms.

And those T-shirts aren't even issue. Nobody's running around in sleeveless T-shirts, although some guys cut the sleeves off in hot weather. But they aren't those kind of T-shirts, or even that color. Army T-shirts are brown. The Marines wear a sort of aqua green T-shirt.

And any Army or Marine Corps veteran in the newsroom could have spotted that instantly and said 'hey--these pics are bogus.' And thereby saved the newspaper from a major gaffe...

Nation of Islam member? errff. I bet I could have noticed someting off about those pix, just from having seen lots of pictures of our guys in Iraq, at Army Times and DefendAmerica.

And they ran the pictures over the objections of the reporter on the piece? Hungry, weren't they. Hungry for some delicious moral preening. No doubt they had to communicate their intuition, that our entire military, under the malign influence of Donald Rumsfeld, had turned into trailer-trash torturers...

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