May 15, 2004

70-year cycle reducks...

I wrote here about the theory that dominance of American political parties moves in a 70-year cycle, and how strong the parallels are between what we see now, and politics in the 1930's (and probably in the 1860's, though I haven't been thinking much about that.)

I've criticized the Bush-haters for being totally negative, for being only against, and not for anything. But that's exactly how Republicans were in the 1930's. Stunned and bewildered and bitter. ...
Now this story, about many Democrats wanting McCain for Kerry's veep, reminds me that Wendell Wilkie, the Republican candidate in 1940, was, until just before the campaign, a Democrat! He once caused a flap by referring in a speech to "you Republicans."

Another interesting parallel I've been meaning to blog is the Panic of 1893. That was during the time of Republican dominance, from the 1860's to the 1930's. But the Democrats held the White House, under President Grover Cleveland. However, the Democrats then were the party that was against government action to mitigate such a crisis. They were the party of small government and State's Rights. They had no real ideas or policy to deal with the situation, and the confident Republicans crushed them in the next election. The actual measures being advocated were very different from today's, but the politics were very similar to the demise of Herbert Hoover.

Does anyone know who came up with the 70-year cycle theory? It's been a part of my mental-landscape for decades, but I don't remember whose idea it is.

Also, I've added a new posting category called: 70-Year Cycle.

Posted by John Weidner at May 15, 2004 9:25 AM
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