May 14, 2004

This is how an American talks...

Rumsfeld Addresses Troops After Surprise Visit to Baghdad:

..."Like each of you I'm sure, and like most Americans, I was stunned," Rumsfeld said. "It was a body blow. And with six or seven investigations under way and a country that has values and a military justice system that has values, we know that those involved, whoever they are, will be brought to justice. And we've spent the day talking to people and seeing the steps that have been taken to see that those types of abuses to people for whom we have responsibility and custody will not happen again."

Rumsfeld stressed that the values of those accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners are not the values of America or the vast majority of America's military personnel.

"And we're proud of you, each of you," Rumsfeld said. "We're proud of your service. We know each of you is here because you volunteered to serve your country. You said that that is important to you, and it's important to our country that we have the freedom that we all enjoy."

Speaking after Rumsfeld, Gen. Myers said that he was proud to "stand up here in this uniform, the same uniform you wear, and be part of this team."

"You have never let us down," Myers said. "Never, ever. I have so much confidence in you. Every time that I have to go in front of the public and talk about our military, sometimes it's about the good things we do; most of the time it's about that. Occasionally it's about the few who stray. But I have never lost confidence in the folks that wear this uniform."...

As opposed to phonies like Senator Kennedy, who sit in lumpish and truculent silence until there's an opportunity to criticize Americans. Then they come ALIVE! (and to try to forestall the inevitable comments, no, I am not excusing prisoner abuse. I'm condemning the style of discourse of those whose core-value is that America is loathsome, and ought to be restrained. Otherwise know as activist Democrats.)

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