May 14, 2004


Andrea, concerning the selection of the images we should see, by our all-wise elite newsmedia:

...First we had the images of the people jumping from the World Trade Center, which were a no-no, because people might get all upset and sad (or worse, upset and mad). Now there is the butchering of Nick Berg by orcs disguised as humans. Wouldn’t we, Precioussss, prefer instead to watch the Abu Ghraib video nasties over and over again? Watching a fellow citizen have his head sawed (not chopped or cut – sawed) off by some man-shaped piece of sewage might get us all angry at other people, which is a no-no. (Unless those Other People are George Bush and crew. It’s okay to get mad at them. Just don’t get mad at any foreigners. Foreigners, especially ones who hate us, are Our Betters™. They know we don’t deserve to live.) Watching some grinning female diddling a prisoner in a hood is good, because it makes us feel all crawly and disgusting, and people who are paralysed by self-disgust can’t do anything to defend themselves...
You don't need to assume that the newsmedia is conspiring to elect Democrats (though I'm sure some of them are). It's the instinctive reaction of self-appointed elitists everywhere to try to keep the simple folk quiet and docile. But, to continue the Tolkien theme, the simple folk, though they may seem slow-witted, "can see through a brick wall given enough time..." My guess is that from here to November will be quite enough, thank you.

Posted by John Weidner at May 14, 2004 7:41 AM
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