May 11, 2004

How I love the Internet!

In this post I wrote about Salvadoran Cpl. Samuel Toloza, who attacked Iraqi scumballs with a knife when he ran out of ammunition. It included this quote:

...Phil Kosnett, who leads the Coalition Provisional Authority office in this holy Shi'ite city, says he owes his life to Salvadorans who repelled a well-executed insurgent attack on his three-car convoy in March. He has nominated six of them for the U.S. Army's Bronze Star medal.
    "You hear this snotty phrase 'coalition of the billing' for some of the smaller contingents," said Mr. Kosnett, referring to the apparent eagerness of some nations to charge their Iraq operations to Washington. "The El Sals? No way. These guys are punching way above their weight. They're probably the bravest and most professional troops I've every worked with."...
Some troll commented that I shouldn't use stories from the Washington Times, since they are not anointed by the holy oil of liberalism.

So who just commented to set things straight? "Forget the Washington Times - I'm Phil's wife and I assure you this was an understated version of the story. It also appeared in several other papers throughout the world." -- Thank you Alison Kosnett!

And thanks to the other guys who commented. This is all tons more fun when I don't have to do it alone...

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