May 10, 2004

Like raindrops on a duck's back...

Remember how the Democrats were "shocked and disgusted" that Bush should include a two-second image of 9/11 in a campaign ad? Mr Kerry is now using Abu Ghraib for fund raising!

Got those priorities straight, folks? The deaths of our countrymen is just a nasty oddity we should forget about. The one crime they can find from among the decent actions of hundred-thousand Americans—that's front 'n center.

The Democrats deserve to lose. And I will take comfort from this quote:

...For thirty years we've been told that patriotism was shameful. We were told it was a demonstration of mental retardation or of ignorance about the world. People who were patriotic were heartless racists. For thirty years we've been pelted with the message that there was nothing about America that justified any pride.

And for thirty years the majority of Americans have ignored that message. It bounced off them like raindrops on a duck's back. Americans treasure their freedom of expression, and they treasure even more their freedom to ignore what other people say...
-- Stephen den Beste

Posted by John Weidner at May 10, 2004 7:55 AM
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