May 9, 2004

Small town papers...

Charlene and I are urbanites to the core. We probably wouldn't be happy living in a small town, or in the suburbs. But we share many of the values of Americans inside the Finkelstein Box. And here in the City we are frustrated by our immersion in the trendizoid Left.

But one of the cool things about our lives right now is our frequent trips, via the Internet, to the newspapers of small-town America in search of war news. Who's heard of the Columbia Basin Herald?

...The parents of Othello High graduate Rocky Rocha, currently in Iraq with the 81st Marine Platoon started sending care packages to their son, unknowingly creating a community phenomenon that has gone beyond the boundaries of family support.

Bob Guerrero, president of the Othello Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said that it was Rocky Rocha himself, stationed in the outskirts of Fallujah, who told his parents Lydia and Agustin that he was sharing with his platoon mates the goodies that came from Othello, "and sometimes it was not enough."

The Rochas asked the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce if they could help, which led to the organization's informal adoption of the platoon.

Fernando Moreno, vice president of the chamber and owner of the Othello McDonald's restaurant said the goal is to be able to send the platoon a package per week...(via CPT Patti)

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