May 7, 2004

NPR and Hamas...on the same side.

Remember the murder in Gaza by terrorists of a mother and four daughters? Remember the little girls shot at close range? Here's how our enemies spun that attack. From a column by Jeff Jacoby:

...The official Voice of Palestine radio praised the quintuple murder as a "heroic" operation against "five settlers," not bothering to mention that the victims were an unarmed pregnant woman and four children.
    The savagery of the attack was similarly downplayed by National Public Radio in its broadcast the next morning.  Actually, reporter Julie McCarthy did more than minimize the horror of the massacre. She blamed the victims for "provoking" their own murder -- not by anything they did, but by their mere "presence" in the disputed territory...
Provoking their own murder. I'll bet that vile creature thinks we "provoked" 9/11 by offending Muslim know, by building 100-story skyscrapers, and by not discarding Christianity like the wiser and more sophisticated Europeans.

And I suspect if you could peer into her head you would discover that she thinks we provoked 9/11 by electing George Bush President.

My tax dollars help support this person! It's infuriating. But I take grim comfort in thinking how it's probably sinking in with voters that these people are on the other side! And come November I suspect they are going to be crushed just like they deserve.

Here's the picture again:

Israeli woman and her four daughters murdered by terrorist scum

These are our friends and allies. The animals who murdered them are our enemies. There's only one war. One global war on terror. And the people of Israel are us! Like us they fled a stagnant and brutal Europe to found a new land in the midst of murderous savages. Like us they built a country of religious freedom and economic freedom.

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