May 6, 2004


...But these photos are us. Yes, they are the acts of individuals (though the scandal widens, as scandals almost inevitably do, and the military's own internal report calls the abuse "systemic"). But armies are made of individuals. Nations are made up of individuals. Great national crimes begin with the acts of misguided individuals; and no matter how many people are held directly accountable for these crimes, we are, collectively, responsible for what these individuals have done...[link]
Pure steaming lefty hate-America bullshit. For every brutal prison guard, there are hundreds of guys and gals working their tails off, and risking their lives, to make our projects in places like Iraq and Afghanistan succeed. Their stories and letters are passed around the blogosphere, often culled from small-town newspapers. Rarely from the likes of the WaPo, where this piece appeared. Never noticed by trendy Liberals. That's why people like me keep posting them—because our "media elite' dump them right into the circular file.

InstaPundit linked to an ugly story of prisoner abuse in German civilian prisons today. I bet we don't get any WaPo tales about how that's the real Germany. (Not unless they elect a pro-Bush government. Then the story will suddenly be important, as "evidence" that fascism is on the rise.)

Posted by John Weidner at May 6, 2004 1:55 PM
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