May 6, 2004

Our military's system works...unlike certain others.

OpinionJournal points out that it's our military, not the press, that discovered the prisoner abuse, and has been working to fix it.

...This is a cover-up? Unlike the Catholic bishops, some corporate boards and the editors of the New York Times or USA Today, the military brass did not dismiss early allegations of bad behavior. Instead, it established reviews and procedures that have uncovered the very details that are now used by critics to indict the Pentagon "system." It has done so, moreover, amid a war against a deadly insurgency in which interrogation to gain good intelligence is critical to victory--and to saving American lives...
Democrats are now trying to turn this into a Watergate-like scandal, and use it to attack the President. I think they are making a big mistake!

They are betting on the stupidity of American voters. But I suspect that the simple folk will knit those thick Neanderthal brows, and slowly put 2 and 2 together. "Terrorists attack us. Ugh! Bush attack terrorists. Ummm. Democrats attack Bush...1 - 2 - 3 - many time...Urrghhh. Me not see wisdom here." [For the simple folk of Internet-Land, that's a joke.]

And our press. The Media Wing of the Democrat Party. Where was their concern about prisoners when Saddam was in power? In fact we learned belatedly that the press had been actively covering up Saddam's crimes to preserve "access." But they wouldn't have reported them anyway. It wouldn't have been "news," not unless it could somehow hurt Republicans.

Our press is doing its best to create the quagmire they want to have happen. Doing its best to re-create the Watergate/Vietnam era, the only time the world seemed to work the way it's supposed to. A world where "brave" and "honest" reporters, and activists and "Democrats" stymied and humiliated the US, sold free people into Communist slavery, and strutted and preened forever after on the moral high ground.

I hope and pray this all backfires on them. Surely people will notice that all this concern for Iraqis clicks-on the moment it can hurt Bush? And will click-off if it doesn't seem to be hurting him? If a Democrat were in the White House we would be hearing about how "the system works," and how "our leaders have moved quickly to fix a minor problem"...Remember how tear-jerking stories about the "homeless" disappeared the moment Clinton was elected? And reappeared as soon as Bush became President?

The feeding frenzy over this will hearten our enemies and discourage our friends. It will therefore result in more deaths of American soldiers. And moderate Iraqis. The Dems are murdering our people for political gain. They care nothing about those Iraqi prisoners, the issue will disappear the instant it can no longer hurt Bush. A new Iraqi government will almost certainly be less squeamish about prisoners rights than we are. But don't expect any press coverage over their prisons unless the new government is very pro-Bush.

I'll repeat myself. The Democrats and their press-allies are deliberately killing American soldiers. Our failure in Iraq will help Kerry, and that's all they care about. They have no positive program or agenda, no vision of hope or joy to offer voters. Their only chance to get back in power is through American failure. If the economy goes bad or we fail in war, that's good news for them. That's what they want.

Posted by John Weidner at May 6, 2004 8:10 AM
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