May 4, 2004

The world is like a vast darkened hall...

I think what most bothers me about the prisoner-abuse flap is the way, for many of us, only Americans are real. I think that's what I was really trying to get at in my earlier post.

For a lot of people here the world is like a vast darkened hall with small mechanical puppet-theaters scattered about. And the little puppet stages only turn on when an American comes near. Then the lights come on, the music plays, and the little puppets dance and sing.

I remember when all the campus lefties spoke in portentous tones of "The People of Vietnam." Then the US pulled out, and they never mentioned those people again ("Vietnam" itself they often mention to congratulate themselves on "ending" the war.) "The People" were never real to them, the theater went dark as soon as the Yanks moved away.

And think of the endless academic churn on the subject of slavery, and the delicious fact that many of our founding fathers owned slaves. But slavery is happening in the world right now! Black Africans are being enslaved in Sudan right now. And none of our despicable campus frauds care at all. And if we invaded Sudan to end slavery there, they would be out protesting against us.

And remember when Afghan prisoners were first being sent to Guantanamo? Remember the brouhaha? The heartrending concern for their welfare? But for every guy sent to Gitmo, at least ten were tossed into Afghan prisons. And conditions there were far worse! Overcrowded hell-hole dungeons. Guys were begging to be sent to Cuba. But none of our phonies said a word about them.

The same applies to Israel. The Palestinians only exist when the Israelis are there. Arab countries do far worse to the Palestinians, but nobody notices. (I suspect israel is a sort of proxy US. Sclerotic European countries feel the humiliation of Arabs next to free and vibrant Israel, because they experience the same humiliation next to free and vibrant America.)

THIS is what should be generating outrage. THIS is a thousand times worse than us humiliating prisoners in Baghdad:

Israeli woman and her four daughters murdered by terrorist scum
An Israeli woman in her eighth month of pregnancy and her four daughters were killed this afternoon when two terrorists opened fire at Israeli cars traveling on the Kissufim-Gush Katif road in the Gaza Strip. The attack occurred when the two gunmen, apparently residents of Dir el-Balah, began firing at Israeli cars on the road. Police said the mother was shot, causing the Hatuel's white Citroen to swerve off the road. The attackers approached the vehicle and shot the mother and her children with "killing shots" at close range (Thanks to PowerLine)
"Killing shots at close range." Into little children. We should be doing everything we can to destroy the vile animals who did this. But the sob-sisters don't care at all. At least those killers won't be getting $25,000 checks from Saddam any more! Thank you George Bush! And zero thanks to all the antiwar anti-US crocodiles!

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