April 30, 2004

tossing darts at a map...

Alan Sullivan thinks the recent headline: Terrorism Down: Lowest Number of Attacks Worldwide Since 1969 is a case of cooking the books:

...In the New World Disorder some definitions need changing. If suicide bombers blow up a hundred Iraqi civilians and two on-duty American soldiers, that's a terrorist attack. What matters is not the identity of the victims but the identity and methods of the perpetrators. Perhaps some politically-sensitive functionary wanted to make the Bush Administration look good by clinging to a prediluvial definition that conceals what's really happening...
I tend to agree.

But either way you look at it, it puts paid to the notion that Iraq has distracted us from the GWOT. Either terorism is just down, presumably because we are doing something right (which also torpedos the idea that we shouldn't act, because that will stir up terrorism)...

OR, a lot of terrorists have packed up and gone to Iraq. In which case Iraq is not a meaningless quagmire, and not a sideshow. Iraq is where it's happening, baby. And wouldn't you really rather have terrorists attacking where we just happen to have a hundred-thousand superb troops with itchy trigger fingers? And no Gorelick memo?

Or would you prefer Osama & Co tossing darts at a map, and then hopping a plane?

Cpl. Gabriel Shumway keeps watch on an alley in Fallujah
Lance Cpl. Gabriel Shumway, 22, of Sacramento, Calif., a member of Weapons Platoon, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, keeps watch on an alley in Fallujah, Iraq.
M. Scott Mahaskey / Military Times staff (pic from Army Times 4-13-04)

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