April 30, 2004

#157: It's getting pathetic...

P. Krugman

There is little doubt that President Bush's aircraft carrier landing a year ago was a political blunder. So why can't the Democrats capitalize? For the answer see Paul Krugman's column In Front of Your Nose (04/30/04). As with most of the anti-war left, Krugman sees all foreign conflict from the perspective of a Vietnamese war template. He simply can't get beyond the quagmire syndrome. Consider these gems concerning the Iraqi war:

"And all of the proposals one hears for resolving this ugly situation seem to be either impractical or far behind the curve."
"I don't have a plan for Iraq. I strongly suspect, however, that all the plans you hear now are irrelevant."
Is it any wonder Kerry crowd can't get a coherent message together? How do you deal with a situation you consider hopeless?

Krugman has the temerity to throw in the obligatory "did I mention North Korea is building nuclear weapon" line. This is how the left tries to inoculate itself from being seen as total wimps. But are we to think Krugman would support a ground war on China's border???

It's getting pathetic.

[The Truth Squad is a group of economists who have long marveled at the writings of Paul Krugman. The Squad Reports are synopses of their discussions. ]

* I'd have to disagree with the Truth Squad on one point. I don't think the carrier landing was a blunder. What was the message conveyed? That Bush can fly a jet, that he can mingle easily with the troops, that he's joyful over our victories, that the war is a top priority? What's to not like? And that a lot of prissy hate-America Democrats were stung into incoherent frenzies of loathing and frustration? That's bad? That he's conned all the sob-sisters into criticizing him for being war-like in a time of war?

When I heard about that carrier landing, my very first reaction was to grin, just thinking about how bozos in Berkeley would be shitting ice-cubes...I bet a gazillion ordinary Americans felt just the same thing. Even if it was a blunder, it was worth it!

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